Introducing Pivo Max

The power to create
your best.

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Product Details
  • Use with smartphones, tablets, and cameras
  • Create for longer with 10-12 hour battery life
  • New motor for smoother 360° rotation
  • Use with Pivo Power Bank for extra battery
  • 6 tracking speeds for maximum control
  • Stay notified with interactive LED ring light
  • Compatible with all tripods

The world’s most powerful auto-tracking mount.

Pivo Max is a more powerful, versatile Pivo ready to take your content to the next level. With a new design, smoother rotation, and larger payload — you can use your smartphone, tablet, or DSLR to bring your big ideas to life.


Pivo Max

The power to create your best.


A magic tool for creators.

Pivo Max takes your videos and photos to an entirely new level. You are no longer limited to using only a smartphone to bring your content to life. With Pivo Max, you can now use tablets and cameras too.
Auto tracking

Pivo Max unlocks your creativity — the only limit is your imagination.

Imagine a world where you can move around without skipping a beat while your camera films every moment… flawlessly.

  • Cooking and tutorials
  • Social media dances
  • Zoom calls and presentations
  • Sports and entertainment
  • And so much more!

With 360° panning, intelligent motion tracking, auto zoom, and a suite of powerful apps, Pivo is the world's best auto-tracking mount.
Battery Life

All the creative juice you need.

With a rechargeable Li-ion battery of 1400 mAh, Pivo Max is the perfect companion to keep up with your every move during your creative sessions for up to 10-12 hours.
New Pivo power Bank

Fuel to create more.

Introducing Pivo Power Bank — a fast, convenient way to charge your Pivo and other devices. With a 9,000 mAh battery, you now have the power to create for longer, while 4 LED indicators keep you notified of battery status. Designed to complement your Pivo and easily attach to a tripod.

*Sold separately

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